Our Corporate vision is “To become a globally acceptable API & Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Company by marketing quality products at appropriate price.” Our mission is to get our bulk Pharmaceutical facility with Global Regulatory Accreditation and to serve the Global Partners with Oral Dosage Formulations. The following are our strategies to achieve this mission:

Reduction of Operational cost

We want to remain a cost competitive company. Our focus shall be to reduce the operational cost to increase our competitiveness.

Increase our Research & Development Focus

There is a major thrust on R & D to improve productivity and drive down manufacturing cost without any compromise on the stringent quality specification. To meet R&D challenges of this industry, we have set up a modern laboratory to support the manufacturing facilities at Dera Bassi, Punjab. The laboratory is well equipped with the latest equipments and presently twelve persons are working round the clock to achieve cost reduction of the existing products as well as products in the pipeline.

Enter into regulated markets

We are planning to penetrate regulated markets by applying with European Union, USFDA, and other countries.

Improving manufacturing technology

Major emphasis is given to the manufacturing technology. The process technology is developed in-house which will meet quality norms of various Pharmacopoeia and special stringent requirements of discerning customers. We strive to achieve best productivity, energy efficiency and cost effectiveness through our processes.

Enhancing employees skills & efficiencies

We have periodic training for all our technical staff to update and hone their skills. Our targets on training is minimum 50 hours/employee/year; feed back and counseling are considered vital and form part of the follow up action after training. All employees are given good working environment, which has helped in building a good teamwork. Innovative ideas identified and suggested by employees are implemented, which gives them a sense of belonging and spurs them to excel in their area of working.

Reducing environmental pollution

PDL is committed to provide a safe, clean and healthy environment. We will continuously strive to minimize the generation of waste water and air emissions, thereby preventing pollution at source and that can be achieved by adopting cleaner technologies, reducing the use of natural resources and reusing & recycling wastes. We will continue complying with all local and national environmental laws and regulations, at all the times.

Adoption of SHE (Safety, Health and Environment) policy

Objective of SHE policy is to make working of the organization free from any occupational health hazards, accidents and, to make the surrounding and environment clean. Our main emphasis is to apply SHE policy and create & maintain a safe, injury free & accident free work place. We shall continuously evaluate and improve our practices, processes and products to prevent all work related disabilities and health hazardsOur 6 APA facility has been approved to deliver its product to Ranbaxy to supply in the Regulatory market.

Our Competitive Strengths

Our Company is one of the few companies in India having facilities to manufacture Oral and Sterile bulk drugs. We are an established manufacturer of SSP and Cephalosporin range of Oral drugs and have now set up manufacturing facilities for sterile Bulk Drugs. We have also received WHO-GMP certificates for our following products:

(i) Amoxycillin Trihydrate
(ii) Cloxacillin Sodium

Our 6 APA Facility has been approved to supply its products to US Markets. and filed DMF with EDMP for COS approval for Amoxicillin Tridydrate and Flu Cloxacillin Sodium

Our current expansion plan underway would enable to increase our presence in the Cephalosporin segment and enter the Non-Antibiotic segment. We would thus have an integrated manufacturing facility to produce intermediates, Oral and Sterile Bulk Drugs.

We are an existing profit making Company in operations for almost 8 years in the Indian pharmaceutical industry.

We have sound technical base, low overhead costs, internationally accepted manufacturing facilities and effective marketing network to show consistent growth in revenues and profits.