How Can I Get Cheaper Medications?

For many consumers, the issue of savings is particularly acute. People with low incomes are forced to save on everything – on food, utilities, clothes… But there is something what your life depends on – these are medicines. There are drugs that need to be taken constantly, and this takes a substantial part of the family budget.

But you can save on medicines without harm to health! This article will tell you how to save on medicines, how to find and buy cheap drugs and not harm your health.

Savings on medicines can reach several hundred dollars a year!

How to Buy Medications Much Cheaper

Coupon codes and bonuses

There are various promotions and special offers in pharmacies, just as in regular stores: “Product of the day”, “Seasonal discount”, etc. In some cases, you can purchase medicines at a discount of 20-50% and even get free bonus pills.

This can be either one-time promotions for certain drugs, regular coupon codes or bonuses for special loyalty programs. The latter allow you to save from 5% to 10%. Some pharmacies can also set additional discounts for certain categories of citizens.

Many online pharmacies announce bonuses and special offers on their websites. For example, today you can save 10% on your medications if you use Trust Pharmacy coupon code.

Generics: the same quality but lower price

Doctors, like all people, are influenced by advertising, and in most cases they prescribe the most popular drugs. Therefore, the price is likely to be overpriced.

Quality marketing is truly respected but it will not help in solving your health problem. And you have to pay out of your pocket for the information received from advertising.

A generic (or pharmacological equivalent) is the SAME medicine registered by another manufacturer under a different name.

And this does not mean that the medicine is worse. Moreover, often the exact medicine that the doctor prescribed for you was made by analogy with a cheaper drug that was on the market long before the release of a more expensive, well-advertised competitor with a different name.

Therefore, if you are already at the pharmacy and want to save on your prescriptions, the algorithm of actions is as follows:

  1. Ask the pharmacist to list all analogues. The pharmacy worker is required to provide this information at your request;
  2. Find out the prices of all analogues;
  3. Buy the cheaper option. That’s easy!

Online pharmacies

Another way to save money is to buy medicine from online pharmacies. The prices in such pharmacies are usually lower because they do not pay for the rental of trading floors.

Besides, many online pharmacies offer international delivery and can bring your order right to your house door. This is also very convenient if you are too busy and cannot go to a city drugstore.

The downside of online pharmacies is that it usually takes several days to deliver a purchase to your address. If you need some medicines urgently, this option will not work – then you’d better buy medicines in a regular pharmacy.

Do not buy medicines that you don’t need

For example, in the season of colds and flu, you come to the pharmacy and the pharmacist offers various immunomodulators that are quite expensive. Meanwhile, viral diseases are practically not treated with medication. Most of the proposed remedies provide symptomatic treatment. But there is no vital need for their use. So if you have a non-dangerous ailment, you can and should do without medications using the usual home remedies.

Compare prices using PharmacyChecker and GoodRx

PharmacyChecker claims it can help you save up to 90% on prescription drugs. The website lists drug prices at online pharmacies in the United States and abroad. To find the best price for a particular prescription drug, enter a name in the search box on the PharmacyChecker homepage and click the “Find the Lowest Price” button. PharmacyChecker also created a validation program for online pharmacies so you can view the ratings of pharmacies after searching for the medicine.

GoodRx says its average customer is saving $276 a year on prescription drugs. How do they do it? GoodRx collects and allows you to compare prices from more than 70,000 pharmacies in the United States. All you have to do is enter the name of the drug in the search bar on the GoodRx main page and click the “Find the Lowest Price” button. Then GoodRx will show you the prices of this drug in various pharmacies and, in the case of some pharmacies, will generate a coupon for use in the prescription. To see prices at specific pharmacies in your area, click Set Your Location and enter your zip code.

Buy a big pack of the medicine

You can also save on medicine by taking a big package. In this case, you can save 10-15%. However, it is important to remember that drugs have their shelf life, so it’s worth resorting to this trick if, for example, you have to undergo a long course of treatment.

Lead a healthy lifestyle

Give up bad habits, play sports, eat natural foods, avoid stress, visit doctors for preventive measures and this should significantly reduce the risk of disease and save your money on treatment.

Be healthy!

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