Health and Safety


Parabolic takes special care in maintaining employee health.The Company has a dedicated occupational health centre (OHC) headed by a doctor trained in occupational health and safety and assisted by a pharmacist.

The OHC is stocked with all the necessary medicine to tackle emergencies of occupational health. It conducts medical check-ups for all
employees across all its five locations. Training on first aid is imparted to core group members.


Employee safety is given utmost importance at Parabolic. It conducts HAZOP studies across various plants and also started job hazard analysis in the manufacturing plant.

Hazards related to work are properly conveyed to all the employees. It has emergency plans and also carries out monthly safety drills The Company has emergency response team (core group) to address safety emergency.

It celebrates national safety week and environment day to create safety awareness. The safety department formulates an Annual Training Calendar each year with varied topics ranging from safety, environment to 360 degree healthy practices both at personal and professional level.