Environment Initiatives

Our Environment Initiatives

Parabolic is taking care of the environment through prevention of pollution, optimum utilisation of natural resources and recycling of solvents. The Company has fully operational effluent treatment plant (ETP) with components like multi-effect evaporator (MEE), biological treatment plant, incinerator and HW storage facility.The treated water from the ETP is used for plant irrigation.

The Company stringently monitors use of natural resources like water for optimum utilisation. It uses recovered solvents, scrubbers to control fugitive emission. It has installed CFLs across the plant for optimum energy usage.

The Company also planted more than 1,800 saplings across the plant. Through proper environment management initiatives, the Company has become a zero discharge organisation.

The Company received ISO 14001:2004 and OHSAS 18001-2007 from DNV for environment management and Occupational Health and Safety Management System respectively.