Contract Research

Contract Research Operations(CRO)

Parabolic(PDL) offers Contract Research Operations in India and services to Global science Industry. With complete integrated R&D, chemistry, technology and engineering capabilities PDL positions itself as the most competitive player in this space. PDL has the capability to provide integrated solutions from route selection, process development, and optimization. Its expertise also entails scalable technology development which can be scaled upto multi tones scale.

With a team of over 100 Scientists , our CRO services include:

Small Scale Synthesis

-Literature Search and Novel Route Scouting

-Small Scale Synthesis of Multi step and Complicated Chemicals

-Characterization of Molecules and Impurities Profiling

Process R&D

-Route Selection and Optimization

-Method Development adn Validation

-Synthesis of GMP/Non GMP Material

Technology Transfer and Manufacturing

-Technology Transfer and Commercialization

-Submission of Drug Master File/Support to client

-Long Term Contract Manufacturing